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I've been a bit disappointed in my lack of effort to make music, but now that school is over it finally means I can start going all-out.

Really excited for a BIG release later this summer, called 'Serenade of a Stillborn'. It's been a year and a half already in the making so you can just tell how proud I'm going to be when I do finish it.

Also, you guys should all give this a like or two. :) > > > http://www.facebook.com/DespondentVisions


2012-04-09 11:21:12 by RainOfTheRelentless

I seemed to have lost motivation to make music in the past few months due to my computer being an utter lagfest. I do apologize to those who forward to my works, and that I'll be updating more in the time to come.

Also, instead of doing that World of Goo remix, I think I'll try my hand at making another ambient song, judging from how many people liked 'The Cave Horrors'.

Peace out y'all, see you soon.

It's gonna be bawss.

Mt. Pyre is pretty much the prominent one on my mind, but then there's the Arceus Battle Theme...

If any of you users have other songs out of Pokemon to mention, please do so. :)

I'll give you guys a WIP version sooner or later, since I've only been working on it for only an hour or so. All I CAN tell you is that you should look forward to it.

Looking forward to it?

I've really been into the old stuff lately, and I was wondering if anyone wanted any classic remixes, like the N64, NES, SNES, GB, stuff like that. I know a lot of people on NG love the nostalgia, so go ahead and give me some material.


2011-04-12 15:20:43 by RainOfTheRelentless

I'd love some requests. Very much so.

I get bored looking for ideas on my own, and it makes it much easier if you could take the time to request something.


2011-02-27 10:33:09 by RainOfTheRelentless


I spent a bit setting up a Tumblr for advertising and blog purposes, so if you can, spread the word. :D


I'm kinda running outta ideas here, as I'm still getting used to FL. Post a request below, and if I pick the request, it'll take at least 3 or 4 days to complete and you receive a shout-out. Not like the shout-out is gonna bring in things, lawl.

But please do take heed of this~!